Kimberly Kang

Director of Design

California State Long Beach- Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Factors in Interior Design- NCIDQ # 29411

Number of Years in the Home Building/ Design Industry:

20 + years.

Fun Fact about Yourself:

I am a mom to triplets to three teenage girls. I have been blessed with three loving, kind, smart daughters. The teen attitudes haven’t emerged… yet.

What Inspires You:

Everywhere I go I get inspired. Whether it’s through the people I meet, restaurants I eat at, or a hotel I stay in, I constantly find elements that inspire me.  Inspiration is limitless.

Favorite Activity Outside of Work:

Spending time with family including running through the canyon by our house. It frees my mind and body, and is a great way to relax. I may have a marathon in my future!

Favorite Place to Travel:

Of the places I’ve been, it’s a tie between Greece and France. Although sitting on the shore of a beach in Belize is up there too!

Favorite Museum:

Has to be the Louvre in Paris, with the Met in New York a close second. I could spend a week in either. Make that weeks!

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